You may regret what you did not know.

Heel shoes hurt, but I can't let go because I like them. I want to wear high heels that do not hurt. There are pumps that make you regret what you did not know.

Beautiful shoes with beautiful legs. The foot should not hurt even with heel shoes. Special shoes made in Japan that have been researched and improved for the feet of Japanese women.

It is Mamian's "iCoN".

1.Synthetic bottom with grip
Synthetic sole which is hard to slip on rainy day with confidence.

2.High density urethane cushion
High-density, low-resilience cushion with a thickness of 0.5 cm spread all over the insole.

3.Soft touch lining
Antibacterial deodorizing lining with a soft touch that enhances the functionality of the cushion.

4. High rebound solid metatarsal cushion
Metatarsal cushion that disperses the center of gravity at the base near the thumb.

5.High rebound solid arch cushion
A three-dimensional arch cushion that securely fixes the gap between the arch and the shoe.

6. Upper back mesh processing
Mesh processing. Soft fingers even when worn barefoot.

7.Microfiber which is hard to rub shoes
The heel is made of soft artificial leather, making it harder for the shoes to rub.

Fluffy cushion insole.
It's like walking on a thick carpet.

Speaking of icons, this characteristic cushion insole. A high-density urethane cushion is spread over the entire insole, and a high-rebound cushion is built into the metatarsal and arch. Fluffy, fluffy. It's like walking on a thick carpet. Pain in the sole of the foot, thanks to this cushion insole will reduce pain dramatically.

Upper back mesh processing.
The secret of comfort as if wrapped around.

By using a soft mesh material from the toe to the side of the foot on the back of the upper (back side of the upper), "per finger" that can not be tasted elsewhere has been realized. The secret of comfort that is wrapped around is thanks to this processing. It is comfortable to wear with bare feet, and this soft fit is the key to calling repeaters.