What is iCoN?

What you didn't know, you might regret.
Heeled shoes hurt, but I can't give them up because I like them. If you want to wear high heels that don't hurt, you should try them. There are pumps that will make you regret that you didn't know about them. They are beautiful shoes that make your legs look beautiful, and even heels don't hurt your feet. These are special shoes that have been researched and improved for Japanese women's feet and are made in Japan. This is the icon of Mamian.

Cushioned insoles. It feels like walking on a thick carpet.
One of the icons is the characteristic cushioned insole. The entire insole is padded with high-density urethane cushioning, and high resilience cushioning is built in at the metatarsal bones and the top of the foot. The cushioning is soft and fluffy. It's like walking on a thick carpet. The cushioned insole drastically reduces the pain in the soles of your feet, which can become burning hot and sore.

Mesh upper lining. The secret of the wrap-around comfort.
By using a soft mesh material on the back of the upper from the toe to the side of the foot, we have achieved an unparalleled "finger touch". This process is the secret behind the enveloping comfort of these shoes. This soft fit is the key to attracting repeat customers.

Can I run in high heels?
Yes. It seems to be quite possible. The non-slip rubber soles prevent slipping, and the excellent stability and light fit make them a good choice for days when you don't want to make a mistake with your shoes.

What about synthetic (man-made) leather?
Synthetic leather is easy to care for and can be worn on rainy days. In fact, there are many good things about chemical leather. Its realistic texture and soft and fluffy feel are the result of the efforts of textile manufacturers who have been doing a lot of research.

I want to wear pumps even with my big toe.
The mesh processing on the back of the upper provides a very soft fit. I always feel pain when I wear pumps with hard leather soles because they hit my bones. If you have a mild bunion, you may want to try them.

They don't tear even if they get caught in grooves.
A heel wrapped with the same material as the shoe may look luxurious, but the downside is that it tears easily if it gets stuck in a groove or caught. Icons are made with a matte coated heel that matches the shoes because we want you to wear them everyday.